BIW FIXTURE DESIGN is Job-Oriented industrial Domain training, given on Live / Dummy Projects.

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Learn BIW FIXTURE DESIGN from the Industry-Expert

India’s 1st BIW Fixture Design Job Oriented course where we provide training on live/ dummy projects. Join the domain course at M CAD Solutions and Learn in-depth knowledge and design approaches from basic to Advance using CATIA Software. We provide expert technical support and help you to develop a project-based portfolio. M CAD Solutions is specialized in designing BIW fixtures for Automotive OEMs, Tire1, Tire2 suppliers.

Course Overview

  • Overview of process document. study and understanding of process design concept.
  • Learn 3D concept design on 5 different projects. work on Indian and global standards (German Standards).
  • Unit built up using start model
  • Contextual design
  • Shimming concept
  • Angular Pin Units
  • Pin-on-clamp
  • Pivot point concept
  • Cylinder selections 
  • SMC cylinder calculation
  • Pin cylinder criterion
  • Standard part selection
  • Cell, zone built up
  • Robot Reach
  • spot projection
  • Gun selection
  • Types of gun
  • Path planning
  • Types of guns
  • Thumb rule of gun selection
  • Gun guide
  • Checking fixture for clash
  • Keeping clearances as per standatds
  • Doing modifications as per simulation results  
  • All Concepts of 3D finish
  • Creating manufacturing drawings with German and Indian Standards.

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Trainer: Manoj Potdar

Learn all concepts of BIW Fixture Design from Experts



Trainer: Manoj Potdar

Learn all concepts of Robotics simulation

Body in White (B.I.W.) is a welded sheet metal parts (components) that form the vehicle’s structure to assemble with other components i.e., engine, chassis, exterior, and interior trim. At Weld Shop, we call this BIW. It is the Sheet Metal body before heading to the paint shop.

Fixtures, Grippers, Clamping Units, Locating Units, and Dump Units & Pin Units are all covered in-depth in this course.

This Domain Training of BIW Fixture Design gives the insight to Study, understanding, and gaining knowledge of Process Design, 3D Concept Design, Validation, Gun Study, Modification, 3D Finish, and 2D Drafting using GD&T.

The course is structured to start with the fundamentals of fixture design and proceed to the final design. If the fundamentals of fixture design aren’t followed, it can lead to poor productivity and quality issues. The apparent advantages include reduced setup and cycle times, increased component accuracy, and deskilling the job setting operation.
The course emphasizes further on the Fixtures, Grippers, Clamping Units, Locating Units, and Dump Units & Pin Units.

Training also gives an exposure to the Automotive Industry Standards, Design & Manufacturing methodology, and it will help the fresh Engineer to join the industry confidently

For 3D modeling, assembly, bill of materials, and 2D drafting, we use CATIA V5 software. This training is conducted on live and recently executed projects, with a minimum of 5 different projects. POKA YOKE, 3D modeling of parts and assembly, using popular design CAD tools, and preparing the final manufacturing drawings. During the course, topics such as Design for accuracy, manufacturing, and assembly will be covered. It will be a very interactive and hands-on training session that will cover all aspects of fixture design from every angle.


Take Away

  • Thorough Knowledge of  BIW Fixture Design from Simple to Complex with shimming Concept.

  • You will be able to Create Process Documents

  • By learning on 5 different projects you will able yo do simple to complex Fixture Design using Hand Calculations.

  • SMC type CKG Cylinder (Hinge Cylinder Calculation)
  • You will gain Knowledge about Gun Selection, Gun study, clearances concept, manual welding considerations, Types of Guns.

  • Systematic Approach of BIW Welding fixture design by using Contextual Design method.

  • Training will be given on Indian and German Standards.

Manoj Potdar


Manoj is here for you 24/7 to assist you throughout your course. His area of expertise is BIW FIXTURE Design.

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