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We developed a training course in automotive interior plastic trims design, a high-demand field in the auto industry.

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Learn INTERIOR PLASTIC PRODUCT DESIGN from the Industry Expert

M CAD Solutions offers a project-based training course on automotive plastic interior trim design taught by experienced instructors with 10+ years of industry experience. This course will teach you how to design and manufacture plastic parts for automobiles. You will learn about the properties of plastics, how to use CAD software to design plastic parts, and the different methods for manufacturing plastic parts. You will also learn about the latest trends in automotive interior design. This course is a great way to improve your skills and increase your job opportunities in the growing plastic industry.


Additional Benefits

We guarantee a highly interactive and professional training experience that comprehensively covers every angle of interior trims.

“Unlock your potential with M CAD Solutions! We offer affordable and flexible training in the Automotive interior plastic trims Domain. Join us and reach your goals!”

Get Ready For Industry

Regular Assignment

Regular assignments are an integral part of M CAD training program.Through project work and task-based assignments, students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of BIW software and its applications in various industries

Weekly Test

A weekly test is an assessment that takes place once a week to evaluate students' understanding of the topics covered during that week's learning sessions. It is a common practice in educational settings and serves several purposes:

Project Based Training

Project-based training is an educational approach where learning is centered around completing real-world projects rather than just theoretical concepts. It is a hands-on and practical method that aims to enhance students' skills and knowledge through active engagement and problem-solving.

Theory And practice

Theory and practice are two essential components of the learning process that complement each other to create a comprehensive understanding and application of knowledge.

Skills You Will Get In
M CAD Solutions?

Learning Outcomes:


Learn about the properties of plastics, You’ll acquire industry-relevant knowledge, enabling independent design backed by strong manufacturing process understanding.

Software Skills

Learn how to design plastic products using CATIA V5 software, You will learn the skills of CAD software, will train you CATIA software with effective use. your speed and accuracy will increase


Completing the course will enhance your interview confidence. We’ll assist by providing industry-specific knowledge to boost your confidence.

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Learn about the different methods for manufacturing plastic products, Completing this course opens doors to Plastic Product Design roles in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

Design Fundamentals

Learn how to estimate the cost of manufacturing plastic products, You’ll receive training on real projects following Indian and European standards. This ensures a clear understanding of your design approach.

Hands-on Experience

Learn how to test plastic products for strength, durability, and safety, You’ll train on progressively challenging projects, gaining hands-on experience equivalent to 2 years by course end.

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