Automotive/ Wiring Harness Design

We designed special training course for high demanding domains in Automobile field. Wiring Harness course is job oriented course & guarantee you to get very good knowledge and proficiency in a wiring harness.

What is a Wiring Harness?

Learn Wiring harness design from an industry expert and gain knowledge and skillset required by industry. Its mainly used in the automobile industry.



Wiring Harness

Time to Complete

120 HRS

A wiring harness is an cable assembly, terminals, and connectors that run throughout the entire vehicle and relay information, and electric power cable is consoled together by flexible material like vinyl, electrical tape, Rubber, etc.

The main function of the wiring harness is to ensure space utilization in-car has to be perfect & effective. It also helps to safeguard the power wires as well as other kinds of wires required to run a vehicle smoothly. 

In Automotive or Home appliances, we mainly use wiring Harness like Automotive lighting, music system, air conditioner, etc.

It plays a critical role in the electrical system of the vehicle as it helps to improve the efficiency of the electrical system by reducing the space required for the wiring system. However, due to its complexities, it has some drawbacks and needs to be looked after. So, a person should be aware of the basics aspects of the wiring harness, which is essential to keep the vehicle in working order.

Wiring Harness

Electrical Wiring Harness is used most widely in the automobile industries along with construction machinery.

It is a process in which the wiring of the machinery is done in a harness instead of loose wires. It is very beneficial for keeping the model organized.

Take Away

After undergoing the Training, A participants will be able to

  1. What is Electric Wiring Harness
  2. Types of Wiring harness
  3. Components Used in electrical Wiring Harness
  4. Design Workflow
  5. Electrical Database Creation
  6. Network Routing
  7. 3D Cable Routing and Packaging

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