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M CAD Solutions mainly focused on students’ overall development and increasing Knowledge with skills.

Become An value-added asset in Mechanical Design Engineer Industry

350+ Certifications Issued

We provide global certification along with an M CAD Solutions certificate after completion of the course.

Focus on Knowledge

We belives that knowledge is most imoprtant aspect.

Job oriented training

We implement training on live / dummy projects to grasp the concept of design.

Some of our best Faculties

Featured Instructors

BIW FIXTURE DESIGN Expert with 10 Years of Experience


Manoj is here for you 24/7 to help you. His area of expertise is BIW FIXTURE DESIGN, Simulation, PLACEMENT, Interview preparation, and basically everything related to FIXTURE DESIGN.

Student Development

Student Development

We focus on overall development of students

Students Development is an important activity in the overall growth of students. M CAD Solutions has several sections like Guidance and Counseling.

“Knowledge is Power”. Without knowledge or having half-knowledge, one can’t grow as a successful person in life. To grow during a career moreover as head to head, everyone must be focused on gaining the maximum amount of knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t restrict to science and technology and also the fields we study at school and colleges. Knowledge is additionally a really important aspect to shape our personality and behavior.
M CAD Solutions is providing knowledge that’s required for your personal and career growth. 


“Knowledge is Power”.

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